August 5, 2014

Clubhouse (K-5)


Classes in the Clubhouse: We teach straight from the Bible in the Clubhouse! We have gifted teachers who are not only trained and screened but who are truly excited to teach what God says about daily living to Kindergarten through 5th graders. We teach kids about worship and give them the opportunity to engage in worship each Sunday with gifted worship leaders.

We want our ministry to bea��

Relational…a place where kids grow through caring relationships.

Relevanta��a place where kids see how the Bible applies to their everyday lives.

Creativea��a place where Goda��s timeless truth is communicated in innovative ways that capture kidsa�� attention.

Child-centereda��a place where all teaching and activities are geared toward the way kids grow and learn.

Fun…a place where kids want to attend because they have such an awesome time!