July 17, 2014

Mike Holba

Pastor Mike Holba

Lead Pastor


Phone: 748-2339
Email: mikeholba@riponchurch.com

Mike grew up in Milwaukee and graduated from UW-Milwaukee. He taught fifth grade for 14 years in Milwaukee and Oshkosh before becoming a pastor. He began attending seminary in 2000 and left his teaching career to start RCC in September of 2002. Mike loves basketball, scuba diving and bass fishing. He has been married to Janet for 26 years. She teaches math courses at Ripon High School and is a very adventurous person. She has to be, to live with Mike. Their favorite thing to do as a couple is to travel and they love taking trips with the kids.

Fun Facts about Mike:

Do you have a Bucket-List?
Yes, I had a “bucket-list” before they were even called bucket lists. In 2005 I decided that there were three things I needed to do someday. They were: scuba-dive, white-water raft, and surf. I am happy to say that I loved all three… especially scuba diving!

Mike's Bucket List: Scuba Dive? Check. Mike's Bucket List: Surfing? Check. Mike's Bucket List: Rafting? Check.

How about a NEW bucket list then?

OK, here are my new top two…
1) Catch a 10lb Largemouth Bass… Done!
2) African Safari
*After dreaming about catching a 10-pound bass since I was a little boy it finally has happened. So now all I have left to do is go on an African safari. And then I will need a whole new list!
What TV shows are you sure to catch every a week?
Everything I watch is recorded on the DVR so I never have to be sure to catch it at a certain time and I don’t have to watch any commercials that way. I also binge on Netflix TV episodes when I find one that I like. Packer games are never missed.
What is your dream vacation?
African Safari! I have wanted to go forever and its the one remaining thing on my bucket list.
Where are you when you’re not at church?
At a secret location fishing in my bass boat. (summer)
At a secret location daydreaming about fishing in my bass boat. (winter)
The people that you like to hang out with are…?
Not judgmental. Loyal. Like to laugh and have fun. Adventurous.\
The people that you avoid area?
Know-it-alls. Crabby or gossipy.
What are you afraid of?
  1. Snakes
  2. Clowns
  3. Chair lifts
What frustrates you most?
Wasting my time.
What do you eat on your birthday?
Crawfish Etouffee and of course Pie!
What is your favorite quote?
You can’t go wrong with coconut. – Mike Holba
What would surprise someone to know about you?
I would love to own my own gorilla costume. I put salt on almost everything that I eat. Oh yeah, I call peas, little green orbs of joy.