July 15, 2014

Community Groups

More About Community Groups

Jesus makes it very clear: wea��re not supposed to go through this life alone. Not only do we need God, we need other people in our lives who are also trying to follow God.

Thata��s what Community Groups at RCC are all about. People working together to follow Jesus with their lives.

We keep it real simple. Community Groups are where real life meets a relationship with God and people who care. Theya��re a refreshing and encouraging place to talk candidly about real life.

A typical Community Group will share some food and talk about how the bible applies to their life.

But ita��s not all about the study. Ita��s also about having a good time together and being there for each other through the good and the rough patches of life.

We have a designated Community Group sign-up time every September and January, but we can always get you plugged into a group at any other time of the year. If you want more information or need help finding a group, please contact Pastor Sam at samprellwitz@riponchurch.com

Current Community Group Series: Changed

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