July 17, 2014

Adam Smith

Pastor Adam Smith

Worship Pastor

Phone: 748-2339
Email: adamsmith@riponchurch.com

About Adam:

Adam was born and raised in Upstate New York. He has also lived in Philly and in the desert of Arizona before coming here to Ripon. Adam has a blended family consisting of his wife, Jessica, three kids, and two cats that he barely tolerates. You may see him leading worship from time to time. Feel free to say hi to him after the service.


Fun Facts about Pastor Adam:

What TV shows are you sure to catch every a week?
My wife and I love The Big Bang Theory, Finding Bigfoot, and The Walking Dead. I think my wife likes the first two a little more than the last one 🙂

What is something you probably didn’t know about me?
I used to have an amazing beard. See pic above.

What is your biggest fear?
That reality isn’t real. That my brain is sitting in a jar somewhere, and that everything I perceive to be true is just electrical signals sent to my brain by some supercomputer. And also spiders.

What do you eat on your birthday?
Shrimp, crepes, and ice cream cake. In that order.

What are some activities you like to do?
I love to go camping. Real camping. I love the feeling of having everything I need to survive on my back. I also like racquetball and volleyball, going to movies, and traveling the world.

What’s on your Bucket-List?
– Create a viral video
– Live in Central California (San. Luis Obispo area)
– Kill a bear with my bare hands (or maybe with a weapon that I hastily fashioned)
– Sleep in a hammock on the side of a cliff face I just scaled
– I’ve always wanted to go to Tibet