July 17, 2014

Barry Zabel

Barry Zabel


Phone: 748-2339
Email: A�A�barryzabel@riponchurch.com

About Barry:

A�A�Wow long or short version? I guess short for now, if you want long we will have to do coffee! BC (before Christ) I grew up on a farm by Fairwater, a little town just south of Ripon. Worked hard all day then partied hard all night! (Some of you know what I mean!) Wow then I married my beautiful wife (Beth) of 27 years. We then started our wonderful family, still on the farm, working hard all day & partying all night! Wow, then Christ came into my life and turned my life upside-down (or maybe “right-side-up!”)

AC (After Christ) through a lot of interesting situations we sold the farm, than started our home maintenance business! Wow, then physical illness hit our family and really did turn our lives upside-down or maybe really “right-side a��up,” because it has helped me focus on what is really important: my family, my friends and most important my almighty Father, Lord & Savior! Now I still work hard all day (for Him) & I still party hard all night (for Him) but with a different perspective, different heart, different Master, and different life! Now I am at RCC! What is next?

Zabel Family visiting Victoria, CanadaBeth & Barry enjoying God's creation in upper MichiganKyle & Barry enjoying a moment on top of a ski-hill in Vancouver, CanadaCasey & Barry enjoying a moment on top of dead-man's bluff in LaCrosseOur Ripon Community coming together at our house to pray for the Zabel's while we were in the Children's hospital fighting cancer!Alyse & Barry preparing the plane for our trip to Disneyland!

Fun Facts About Barry:

If you could have lunch with anyone who would it be?

YOU! As the saying goes a stranger is just an un-meet Friend!

What is your favorite childhood TV show?

Gilligan’s Island or Kaptain Kangaroo

What are three things in your fridge?

Milk, creamer (hazelnut) & ICE CREAM (ok freezer but close enough)

What are three things you’d pack if you were leaving for a whole year?

Wow! My wife, my Bible & my iPod

The Most Fun I ever I ever had …

Was going on a Make-a-Wish trip to Disneyland with my Whole Family (What a Blessing)

What is your favorite way to spend a day off?

Time with my Wife, with my kids, with my friends & most important time with my Father outside in His Creation!

What is your Dream vacation?

Visit the Holy Lands (To walk in Jesus’s footsteps!)

What is your favorite dessert?

Any flavor pie with ICE-CREAM (Hey Mike ICE-CREAM makes pie better)

What music is in your I-pod these days?

Wow A LOT! the Afters, Andrew Peterson, By the Tree, Chris August, Jeremy Camp, Relient K, Robbie Seay Band, Shaun Groves, Starfield, Switchfoot, Toby Mac, just to mention a few! Did I say I like Music No I LOVE MUSIC !!!!

What is something you would like to do that you have never done yet?

WOW! SKY-DIVE !!!!! (I Think ????)

Is there anything else you’d like to share with whoever is reading this?

Wow! The Greatest Decision you will Ever make is to Open your heart to Jesus Christ & Let Him in! The second Greatest Decision is to Let Him take over your Life!! (John 1:5 The Light shines through the darkness and the darkness can Never extinguish It ! )