What are the Everybody's?

At RCC we believe there are 6 things that every attender and person that calls RCC their home church should do! We call these are Everybody’s. These are things we see in scripture to be something God wants His people to be doing!


We believe that Everyone at RCC can fit! No matter what your background is or who you are… you can fit at RCC!


If you are connected to a church, you should be excited about inviting others! Everyone at RCC should invite or be on mission to help get others connect to God!


At RCC we want to help everyone get connected. Whether that is with a relationship with God, others, or a ministry at RCC. 


Everyone at RCC should worship in attendance, devotion, financially and spiritually.  


Our mission is to help you take your next step. Everyone has a next step to take in their relationship with God. Whether that is attending, all the way to leading. 


Everyone has a chance to play at RCC… or the ability to GET IN THE GAME! We are all the church, and when we play together we are able to accomplish amazing things.