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Sunday, April 10th

For our 30 days to live series, we're playing 'Blessings Bingo!'
Here's how to play: Do any of the 'Blessings' during the series and cross it off on your bingo sheet. Then, If you get a bingo, double bingo, or blackout let us know!
If you get any of the following, send an email to Pastor Mike (mikeholba@riponchurch.com).
- Bingo - email 'Bingo.' If we get 50 bingos we'll throw a big outdoor Ice Cream party for the whole church.
- Double Bingo - email "Double Bingo" and tell us the t-shirt size you'd like and we'll order one for you.
- Blackout - email "Blackout" and tell us which staff member you'd like to have coffee or lunch with, on us (we're really looking forward to these!).

** To download the Bingo Card, right click on the picture and select "Save Image As"

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